Dear Visitor,

This practise is specialized at cognitive behavioural therapy for adults.
I provide individual and couples counselling consultations.

About me

Dipl.-Psych. Diane Ernst-Kube | Psychological Psychotherapist

born in Berlin, married and mother






Services offered

I provide treatment for the following mental issues:

Therapeutic approach

It is important to me to chose those therapeutic approaches most relevant to your personal issues.
My work is influenced by Schematherapeutic methods and practises of Gestalttherapy.
Below you find a scheme of how I work:


"Awareness in and of itself is healing."
Fritz Perls






Praxis für Verhaltenstherapie

Diane Ernst-Kube | Psychologische Psychotherapeutin
Kollwitzstraße 41, 10405 Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg
Tel.: 0176-21861015
E-Mail: mail(at)psychotherapie-ernst-kube.de


My telefone hours are Monday 10:00 - 11:40 h.
Alternatively you may inquire about availabilities via email.

Currently my working hours are Mo. - Fr. 09:00 - 14:00 h.

You are welcome to book a single appointment called Psychotherapeutische Sprechstunde in order to discuss your specific needs for treatment.
If, subsequently to that meeting, I don't have availability to take on new clients, I will suggest alternative ways of receiving professional help.


The practise is located between Kollwitzplatz and Senefelder Platz.
Getting off the U-Bahn U2 at Senefelder Platz, you reach the practise within four minutes walking distance.






Statutory health insurance

Generally all statutory health insurances will pay in full for the charges of the treatment.

Private health insurance

Reimbursement won't be a problem if you have a private health insurance.
I recommend asking your insurance which documents are needed for the application of psychotherapy via reimbursement .

Direct Payment

Direct payment of sessions is possible too. Availability provided, sessions can start immediately with the guarantee of absolute discretion.
Fees for an individual consultation are 90 €.






Dipl.-Psych. Diane Ernst-Kube
Psychologische Psychotherapeutin
Therapieverfahren: Verhaltenstherapie
Kollwitzstraße 41, 10405 Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg
Tel.: 0176-21861015
E-Mail: mail(at)psychotherapie-ernst-kube.de

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Die Berufsbezeichnung "Psychologische Psychotherapeutin" wurde in Deutschland durch das Landesamt für Gesundheit und Soziales Berlin verliehen.

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